• Rubber StampsRubber Stamps
    Inspection Stamps.

    Manufactured to ensure consistent quality and long life. You get a razor-sharp impression, even with the smallest, most intricate design.

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    Trodate self inking stamps

    Silky smooth operation, lightweight yet durable and easy to reink.  Available in an ever expanding selection of sizes for every requirement.

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    Mark II permanent stamping on non porous surfaces

    A system designed specifically for stamping nonporous surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass. Mark these surfaces permanently.

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    ribbed rubber type

    Snap it into a stamp holder, roller coder or marking machine in seconds, making changes of part numbers, dates or other information quick and easy.

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    Epoxy and Mil Spec Inks

    Formulated for the durable marks required by electronics, aircraft, automotive and other industries. Offers excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces.

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    Questions?  Contact our sales team today and one of our marking and identification experts will find a solution that fits your need and budget.

  • SignageSignage
    Conference room door sign

    Corporate office, directional, and warning signage. Made in our production facility using locally sourced plastics and custom produced to any specification possible.

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    custom professional engraved nameplate

    Employee name identifcation, including name tags, hanging cubicle signs, desk signs, and door signs. Produced quickly and cost effectively to deliver savings.

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    Sign making system for easy creation of industrial and office signage

    A sign-making label printer with unprecedented ease of use and choice of materials. These labels function as signs in any industrial or office facility.

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    Portable label printer that prints durable labels for factory, office, and facility signage marking.

    Wouldn't it be convenient if you could create a label on the spot, right when you needed it? Now you can with Brady's new BMP71 Label Maker. Functions like a sign maker.

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  • High Volume MarkingHigh Volume Marking

    The most technologically advanced ink jet printer for assembly line mass marking. The Linx System is simple for your operator to use and your maintenance staff to maintain.

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    Rapidly and efficiently mark corrugated cartons and non porous surfaces like plastic jugs and cans. Economical ink jet printing for 1-line coding applications.

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    Completely portable, the EBS 250 HandJet® can be used in the production department, warehouse, storage yard or jobsite. Design the mark from your laptop and transmit it wirelessly to the printer.

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    Featuring the best service in the industry, coders, parts, ink rolls - even custom type - are generally shipped from the factory within 24 hours.

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  • Industrial MarkersIndustrial Markers
    Brite Mark markers are quick-drying and permanent on most surfaces.

    The "Bright Marks" produced by these markers stand out on virtually any surface including rubber, plastic, metal and glass. This oil-based paint is quick-drying and permanent on most surfaces.

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    Heavy Duty Felt Tipped Markers

    Our Action Markers all utilize Mark-Tex's patented valve-action ink feed to supply only as much ink as is needed to complete the marking job, loaded with ink for durable, weather-resistant markings.

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    Steel tipped markers for durable marking on metal surfaces

    Filled with a bright paint that withstands extremes in weather, washing, rubbing, oil and grease without losing brilliance or legibility. The best choice for outdoor marking.

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    Filled with a bright paint that withstands extremes in weather, washing, rubbing, oil and grease without losing brilliance or legibility. Also the best choice for outdoor marking, with a fine point for greater precision in compact spaces.

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    The inks in these markers meet or exceed the requirements of U.S. DOE (Dept. of Energy) RTS Standard F-73T. Many can also be certified to GE Aircraft Engines Spec D50TF8-S7 and GE Nuclear Energy Spec D50YP12 “Nuclear Grade”.

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  • ProPenProPen
    Work bench stylus marking of metal parts with the PropPen marking system.

    Stylus marking on metal parts, operates at 5 characters per second. Easy set up with internal software. Not dependant on a PC, comes with a graphic preview. Can easily save files and execute high volume of metal parts marking.

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    Portable stylus marking of metal parts with propen m7000

    A portable marking machine with touch screen. Mark even the heaviest and hardest to reach parts without having to transport them. Mark on metal parts: serial numbers, dates, references, Data Matrix™ codes, logos.

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    Fill out the form below, and one of our marking and identification experts will contact you to schedule a free live demo of the ProPen stylus metal marking solution.

  • Labels & TagsLabels & Tags
    Zebra Z Series label printer

    Full-sized metal label printers built to maximize your productivity in tough environments, the Zebra® Z-Series ® printers deliver hard-working durability, ease of use, and optimized speed-optimized.

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    Zebra G Series Desktop label printers

    Compact desktop printers for print widths up to 4 inches, the Zebra® G-Series printers deliver best-in-class speed and performance, and offer a broad array of options.

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    Sten C Labl is the most cost-effective solution to mark high volume variable data.

    A ingenuitive high speed marking system. The most cost-effective solution to mark high volume variable data. Mark, identify and address multiple cartons accurately, easily and economically.

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    Portable label printer that prints small labels for datacom, electronics, and bar codes.

    A portable label printer for the most demanding applications, including product bar code ID, electrical and datacom marking, laboratory ID, and security ID.

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    The Dymo Metal Tapewriter is the only hand-held embosser that produces raised letter metal tags whenever and wherever they’re needed. The durable embossed tags are corrosion-resistant and withstand the extremes of weather.

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  • ShopShop
The Mark II Stamping system is The Solution for Permanent Identification of Metal, Plastic, and Non-Porous Surfaces.

Mark II Permanent Stamping System

The Solution for Permanent Identification of Metal, Plastic, and Non-Porous Surfaces

Mark II is the first system designed specifically for stamping nonporous surfaces such as metal, plastic, glass, etc. The Mark II stamping system combines a unique double-sided stamp pad with a fastdrying ink formulated especially for stamping non-porous surfaces.

The Mark II Pad holds the ink in an airtight plastic container. It has two hinged covers and two inking surfaces – one on top and one on the bottom. The pad is reversible. The inked surface provides a perfect transfer of ink to the stamp resulting in clean, legible stamped impressions. When the side in use starts to dry out, simply reverse the pad and the second side is instantly ready for use. Mark II’s patented design and construction materials make this rejuvenation process possible.

No. 1250 Mark II Ink is a special fast-drying ink. It dries to the touch in 15 seconds or less on most clean, dry surfaces. Use it to identify metal parts, electronic components, photos, and more. The ink is approved for use on food packaging. When fully cured (in 24 hours) stamped impressions are permanent, waterproof and abrasion-resistant. 1250 Ink is approved and specified for marking by leading aerospace and electronics manufacturers.


Quantity1 - 56 - 1112 - 2324 - Unlimited

Mark II #1250 Reactivator is used to restore the pad and for cleanup.


Quantity1 - 56 - 1112 - 2324 - 4748 - Unlimited

Unique double-sided stamping system for non-absorbent surfaces. The Mark II Stamp Pad is inked with 2 ounces of Aero #1250 fast drying ink. The dry time varies from 5 to 15 seconds depending on thickness of application and material being stamped. Inking surface of the pad measures 2-1/2 x 4". When the side being used begins to dry out, reverse the pad for a fresh inking surface. As with all solvent base fast-drying inks, use of reactivator to keep the inking surface fresh is highly recommended.


Quantity1 - 56 - 1112 - 2324 - 4748 - Unlimited

The Mark II Stamp Pad Kit is the the perfect solution for first time users. Contains a Mark II Pad, 2 ounces of ink and 2 ounces of reconditioner in one handy package.